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Black Scourge is a counterpart to Black Bizarro. Black Scourge is a arch-enemy of Kailani Madrigal. At the first time, she was created from the fallen Sonic The Hedgehog.

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American Remnant



Black Scourge has chalk white skin. She has Killer Croc's eye in full red and she has black-red hair. Her right arm is equipped with a Beam Rifle with out a trigger grip. Her left arm is equipped with a M139 Grenade Launcher without a grip. She wears a black shirt with white stripes on sides. Her arms and hands are also exposed. Her utility belt now feature four square packets rather than the straps which extended from the circle in the center before. She has her back featuring the back of her belt and the suit's cut on her back before. She wore a black glove. Her pants are black. Her right shoulder has Mark V shoulder and her left shoulder is the Mark V shoulder. Her black costume has been updated with the most noticable changes being a black circle behind the both pockets. She is distinguishable by his dark red markings on her face, fingers, hands, legs, and her shoulders. She wears a black skirt and boots.

She has heat vision, x-ray vision, super strength, dive, invulnerability, immune to electricity and toxins, flight, secondary freeze vision and able to activate electrical power-ups.

She is electric, able to restore power from an uncharged power at any time. She has secondary freeze vision, which allows her to freeze victims, has heat breath, which allows her to burn things and she is immune to cold environments and icy conditions.


  • Black Scourge has Scourge's name.
  • She is also an arch-enemy of Tonya Cao.
  • She wear a Mark V Shoulder.
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