The QBB-95 (Type 95) (Chinese: 轻武器, 步枪, 班用, 1995; pinyin: Qīngwuqi, Bùqiāng--Bānyòng, 1995; literally "Light weapon, Rifle, Squad based, 1995") is the light support weapon variant of the Chinese Type 95 family. Based on the QBZ-95, the standard issue to most PLA units, most parts and ammunition of them are interchangeable (while small number of units are issued with Type 81 or Type 03 Assault rifle, which also chamber the same 5.8x42mm DBP87 round). This family includes a standard Assault rifle variant, a compact carbine variant and this particular light support weapon/Squad automatic weapon variant. The longer, heavier barrel and 75-round drum magazine of the QBB-95 allow substantial firing, however the standard 30-round box magazine is also compatible. Though QBB-95 and QBZ-95 both feeds on 5.8x42 mm ammo, the QBB-95 normaly feeds on the "heavier machinegun cartridges", which has longer range, deeper armor penertration and better ballistic at long range. As using the ammo on a QBZ-95 would greatly wear the barrel and action, normal cartridges are used on QBZ-95 rifles. However, the new QBZ-95G rifles will all be loaded with the "heavier cartridges". The weapon is manufactured by Norinco for the People's Liberation Army, the armed forces of the People's Republic of China. An export version known as the Type 97 family is also available, which fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round.


Battlefield 2[]

In Battlefield 2, the QBB 95 LSW is the PLA support kit. It uses the Drum Mag and it's very easy to kill ones.

Unlocked at N/A
Damage High or medium
Source Drum mag
Fire mode Fully Automatic
Faction PLA, USMC (Needs to pick up the PLA support kit)
Reload time 4.2 seconds
Max Ammo 5

thumb|300px|left|Battlefield 2 QBB-95 LMG