The Norinco HP9-1, also known as the Norinco N870-14.00, is a short pump action shotgun made by Norinco of China. This 12 gauge smoothbore firearm has a 14 inch (36 cm) barrel and has a rust-resistant parkerized finish. It is a close copy of the Remington 870, a widely-distributed design no longer under patent protection, and most parts interchange freely. In the United States, where Norinco products are specifically non-importable, this gun is imported and sold under the names Norinco Hawk 982 and Interstate Hawk 982.

The H982 in real life and Battlefield 2

The M11-87 and NOR982 are pump action shotgun.

Battlefield 2[]

The NOR982 is a 12-gauge, pump-action combat shotgun issued to the PLA Engineer kit. Like the other pump-action shotguns, it is capable of achieving one-hit kills at medium-close distances, and inflicting decent damage beyond there. It has a low rate of fire and a slow reload rate. M11-87 and Hawk 982 are pump action shotguns.

NOR982 Pump-action
Chsht norinco982.png
PLA shotgun
Unlocked at N/A
Damage High
Source N/A
Fire mode Pump action
Faction People's Liberation Army, USMC (Need to pick up PLA Engineer Kit!)
Reload time 1.18 seconds (first) + 0.67 seconds (next)
Max Ammo 24 rounds