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The L85A1/L85A2 is a certain bullpup assault rifles featured in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2: Euro Force. The L85A1/L85A2 is the twin assault rifles of the SA80 assault rifle group.

This article is about the battlefield 2 weapon, For version of the SA80, see SA80

Battlefield 2

The L85A1 (referred to in the game files as SA80A2) is a Tier One unlock for the Medic Kit and the primary weapon for the European Union Assault Class (details below). It features a SUSAT scope instead of the iron sights. The scope is very useful as it has a good 3x magnification, which is perfect for the rifle as it is very accurate. Some players feel that the high-precision sight seen through the scope makes the weapon appear more accurate than it actually is. As a matter of fact, its ability to accurately hit targets at some distance in full-auto firing mode is lost after more than three shots have been fired in full-auto. The G36E is more accurate, although it doesn't mount any scope.


Unlocked at Tier One
Damage High
Source SUSAT sight
Fire mode Single shot, Automatic
Faction USMC
Reload time 4 seconds
Max Ammo 4

Battlefield 2: Euro Force

The L85A2 is found in Battlefield 2: Euro Force. It is used by the EU Assault Kit. The L85A2 is different from its A1 counterpart as it has a black handguard with RIS rails attached instead of the green handguard. The greenish areas of the weapon look paler than the L85A1. Also, the L85A1 has its magazine painted with camouflage while the L85A2's has normal paint. The L85A2 is also slightly longer than its A1 counterpart, due to the special handguard. The difference in optics between the two guns is major; the original L85 uses a SUSAT scope while the EU's counterpart uses the L85's optional iron sights, which resemble that of the USMC's M16A2. The biggest difference however, is that the EU Assault Kit version features the AG-36 grenade launcher, while the A1 does not.

L85 BF2.png

Unlocked at N/A
Damage High
Source N/A
Fire mode Single shot, Automatic
Faction EU
Reload time 4.3 seconds
Max Ammo 4
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