Blazor, also known as William, is a bizarre, vicious fusion of William and Owen Lawton. Blazor is a arch-enemy of Kailani Madrigal.

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William (last name unrevealed)



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Political and military information


American Remnant



Blazor has Joker's white skin. He has Killer Croc's eyes in full red and he has black hair. His right arm is equipped with a Focus Rifle with out a trigger grip. His left arm is equipped with a M139 Grenade Launcher without a grip. He wore a black non-halloween costume with a Decepticon logo on his chest. His utility belt now feature four square packets rather than the straps which extended from the circle in the center before. He has his back featuring the back of his belt and the suit's cut on his back before. He wore a gray glove. His pants are black. His right shoulder has MJOLNIR Mark V shoulder and his left shoulder is the MJOLNIR Mark V shoulder. His black costume has been updated with the most noticable changes being a black circle behind the both pockets. He is distinguishable by his dark red markings on his face, fingers, hands, legs, and his shoulders.

He has heat vision, x-ray vision, super strength, dive, invulnerability, immune to electricity and toxins, flight, freeze breath, secondary freeze vision and able to activate electrical power-ups.

He is electric, able to restore power from an uncharged power at any time. He has secondary freeze vision, which allows him to freeze victims, has heat breath, which allows him to burn things and he is immune to cold environments and icy conditions.

He is also available as William who has all the same powers except flight.


  • He is also an arch-enemy of Tonya Cao.
  • Blazor has three distinct configurations.
    • Left Shoulder: Security, Right shoulder: Security, Helmet: GUNGNIR, Utility: Tactical Soft/case, Visor color: Black, Knee Guards: Grenadier, chest plate: Collar/Breacher, right forearm: Assault/Breacher, left forearm: Tactical/UGPS, armor color: Maroon. This is known as Ranger Mode
    • Left shoulder: Mark V, Right shoulder: Security, Helmet: Security Helmet, visor color: Gold, Utility: Tactical Soft/Case, Knee guards: Grenadier, chest plate: Assault/Sapper, right forearm: Tactical/TACPAD, left forearm: Tactical/UPGS, armor color: Maroon.