The Black Eagle tank (Russian: Чёрный Орёл, Chyornyy Oryol, or Obyekt 640) was a presumed prototype main battle tank produced in the Russian Federation. It was thought to have been developed by the KBTM design bureau in Omsk in the late 1990s. A production version of this tank has never been publicly demonstrated. The Black Eagle tank has been cancelled, and all production and development halted. The company that was developing the tank, Omsk Transmash, has gone bankrupt. Design and projects have been absorbed into Uralvagonzavod and state owned services. Uralvagonzavod was developing the T-95 competitor for the Black Eagle, and now owns the rights to both projects, but the Russian government has withdrawn all support and funding for the project. This may be because due to its age, it will be outdated if it is even ever completed, using the Tier Two T-95

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