The AN-94 (sometimes called the "Abakan") is an advanced Russian assault rifle. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova (after chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov) Model of 1994.

The Russian Government formally declared the AN-94 to be the successor and replacement to the Kalashnikov series of rifles following the Project Abakan advanced assault rifle trials in the USSR throughout the 1980s. Gennadiy Nikonov's system reportedly outperformed its many remarkable rivals significantly, proving better than the AEK-971 and the AKB-1 (predecessor of the AK-107). The Nikonov AN-94 was commissioned for general issue to the Soviet (now Russian) armed forces, with mass production scheduled at the traditional home of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the historic Izhmash state factories.

The stated great advantage of the AN-94 system is its ability to delay the recoil force until the fired round/s have left the barrel, much like the AO-62. This, it is claimed, enables more 'hits' on target under the most adverse combat conditions.

The AN-94 offers a unique two-shot burst function at a stated 1800 rounds per minute rate of fire. The Nikonov mechanism fires the second shot in the burst fast enough that it escapes before the recoil of the first shot is felt, thus potentially allowing the two shots to hit the same point, for example to aid in piercing body armour.

AN-94 with GP-30